Curious case of Priya Kumari

IT was on Ashura, Aug 19, 2021, when nine year-old Priya Kumari went missing. Just before her disappearance or abduction she had been happily helping her father a syncretic Hindu who runs a sabeel every year in Muharram in Sangrar, a small

Man booked for attempt to rape daughter

HYDERABAD: A young woman has booked her father in a case of attempted rape at a police station in Matiari district on 13 April 2024. According to Bhit Shah police, the complainant, Shabana Bhatti has accused her father Khamiso Bhatti of attempting

Teenage Cousin Arrested for Brutal Murder of Minor Boy

The police have arrested a teenage boy for the brutal murder of his seven-year-old cousin in Federal B Area. Authorities have apprehended the victim’s teenage cousin, shedding light on the heinous crime. The lifeless body of seven-year-old Muhammad Aban was discovered in

SHC Restrains School from Taking Action Against Complainants

The Sindh High Court has barred Foundation Public School Hyderabad from taking any coercive action against students whose parents have challenged the school’s decision to levy an annual fee. The court’s move comes as a relief to the parents who feared their

Prioritize the rehabilitation of Offenders

There is a dire need for effective offender rehabilitation in prisons. As a criminologist, I have observed the consequences of neglecting this crucial aspect of criminal justice and its impact on public safety. The lack of emphasis on rehabilitation perpetuates a cycle

Access to Justice for the Poor

What happens when an accused is brought before the magistrate who sends him/her to physical or judicial custody? S/he faces torture or physical punishment while the investigation is being conducted. On top of it, the burden of social stigma associated with being

Toolkit: Juvenile Justice System

The Juvenile Justice System Act 2018 (JJSA) was enacted on 22nd May, 2018 in Pakistan with the object to provide an effective criminal justice system and enable social reintegration for juvenile. However, children below the age of 18 are not dealt properly

Accessing Justice

Justice is the soul of a government. The term ‘access to justice’, as understood and used, means approaching judicial institutions for expeditious and inexpensive redress of a wrong committed to a person, and his/her body or property. The preamble to Pakistan’s constitution,

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