Government Institutions Sindh


Agency/Department Mandate Website
Agriculture, Supply & Prices Department Agricultural development, supply, and pricing regulation Link
Auqaf Religious Affairs Zakat & Ushr Department Management of religious endowments, Zakat, and Ushr Link
Bureau of Statistics, Planning & Development Dept Data collection, planning, and development analysis Link
Cooperation Department Promotion and development of cooperatives Link
Culture, Tourism & Antiquities Department Preservation and promotion of culture, tourism, and antiquities Link
Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities Empowerment and support for persons with disabilities Link
Directorate of Climate Change Management and policies addressing climate change Link
Education & Literacy Department Oversight and development of education and literacy Link
School Education Department Management and regulation of school education Link
College Education Department Management and regulation of college-level education Link
Environment Climate Change & Coastal Development Policies and programs addressing environment and coastal areas Link
Excise, Taxation and Narcotics Control Department Management and regulation of excise, taxation, and narcotics Link
Forest & Wildlife Department Conservation and management of forests and wildlife Link
Health Department Regulation and provision of healthcare services Link
Home Department Internal affairs and security management Link
Human Rights Department Protection and promotion of human rights Link
Human Settlement Department Urban development and housing strategies Link
Industries & Commerce Department Management and promotion of industries and commerce Link
Information Department Dissemination of information and public relations Link
Information Science & Technology Department Policies and initiatives for information technology Link
Investment Department Attracting and facilitating investments in the province Link
Irrigation Department Management and regulation of irrigation systems Link
Labour and Human Resource Department Labor rights protection and human resource development Link
Law, Parliamentary Affairs & Criminal Prosecution Department Legal affairs and criminal prosecution Link
Livestock and Fisheries Department Livestock development and fisheries management Link
Local Government Department Management and regulation of local government affairs Link
Mines & Minerals Development Department Regulation and development of mines and minerals Link
Minorities Affairs Department Protection and support for minority communities Link
Planning and Development Department Formulation and implementation of development plans Link
Population Welfare Department Family planning and population welfare services Link
Public Health Engineering and Rural Development Department Rural infrastructure and public health engineering Link
Social Protection Department Development and implementation of social protection programs Link
Social Welfare Department Welfare programs and support for vulnerable populations Link
Sports and Youth Affairs Department Sports promotion and youth development Link
Transport & Mass Transit Department Regulation and development of transportation systems Link
Universities & Boards Department Oversight and management of universities and educational boards Link
Women Development Department Women’s rights promotion and development Link
Works & Services Department Infrastructure and public works development Link
Prosecutor General Sindh Legal representation and prosecution Link

Sub-Departments/ Programmes 

Agency/Department Mandate Website
Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Human Resource Research & Development Board Facilitates research and development initiatives related to human resources, focusing on various sectors for improved development. Link
Board of Revenue Responsible for managing land revenue, collecting taxes, and maintaining land records in the province.



Criminal Prosecution Service Department, SGA & CD Deals with criminal prosecution services and ensuring legal procedures and processes are followed. Link
Directorate of Curriculum, Assessment & Research Sindh Focuses on curriculum development, assessment, and research in the education sector to improve educational standards. Link
Directorate of Reclamation and Probation Manages reclamation and probation processes, possibly related to rehabilitation and reintegration into society. Link
Karachi Water and Sewerage Board Manages water supply and sewerage services in Karachi, ensuring adequate and safe water and sanitation facilities for the city. Link
Mines Labour Welfare Organization Focuses on welfare initiatives for laborers working in mines, addressing their rights, safety, and well-being. Link
Municipal Services Delivery Program Aims to improve municipal services’ delivery, focusing on better public service provision and infrastructure development at the local level. Link
Peoples Poverty Reduction Program Implements programs and initiatives aimed at reducing poverty, providing assistance and support to marginalized communities for socio-economic development. Link
Public Private Partnership Unit Deals with public-private partnerships, facilitating collaboration between government and private sectors for various developmental projects. Link
Sindh Civil Servants Housing Foundation Focuses on providing housing facilities to civil servants, promoting affordable housing schemes and development for government employees. Link
Sindh Education Foundation Supports education initiatives, particularly in underserved areas, through scholarships, school support programs, and teacher training. Link
Sindh Employees Social Security Institution Manages social security benefits for employees, providing financial support and medical care to eligible workers. Link
Sindh Minimum Wages Board Ensures the implementation of minimum wage policies and regulations, safeguarding labor rights in the province. Link
Sindh Solid Waste Management Board Oversees solid waste management, ensuring proper waste disposal and sanitation practices across the province. Link
Sindh Police Responsible for maintaining law and order, preventing and investigating crimes, and ensuring public safety in the province. Link
Sindh Prison and Correction Services Manages prisons and correctional services, focusing on rehabilitation, incarceration, and ensuring humane treatment of prisoners. Link
Succession Facilitation Unit Deals with succession matters, possibly related to legal inheritance and estate distribution, providing facilitation services. Link
Workers Welfare Board Sindh Focuses on the welfare of workers, ensuring their rights, safety, and well-being, and facilitating welfare programs for laborers in the province. Link

Authorities in Sindh

Agency/Department Mandate Website
Provincial Disaster Management Authority Coordinates disaster management efforts, implements plans for disaster risk reduction and response. Link
Sindh Blood Transfusion Authority Regulates and oversees blood transfusion services, ensuring safe and quality blood supply. Link
Sindh Building Control Authority Regulates and manages building construction and control, ensuring compliance with construction laws and standards. Link
Sindh Child Protection Authority Focuses on child protection and welfare, implementing policies to safeguard children’s rights and well-being. Link
Sindh Coastal Development Authority Develops and manages coastal areas, implements plans for coastal preservation and development. Link
Sindh Environmental Protection Agency Enforces environmental laws and regulations, monitors and protects the environment in Sindh. Link
Sindh Food Authority Regulates food safety and hygiene standards, ensuring quality and safe consumption of food products. Link
Sindh Irrigation and Drainage Authority Manages and regulates irrigation and drainage systems in Sindh for efficient water resource utilization. Link
Sindh Mass Transit Authority Oversees and develops mass transit systems and projects for efficient public transportation. Link
Sindh Mental Health Authority Focuses on mental health services, awareness, and support initiatives for mental health in Sindh. Link
Sindh Public Procurement Regulatory Authority Regulates public procurement, ensures transparency, and oversees procurement processes in Sindh. Link
Sindh Social Protection Authority Implements and oversees social protection programs, providing support and welfare for vulnerable populations. Link
Sindh Teachers Education Development Authority Focuses on the development of teachers and educational initiatives, enhancing teaching quality and standards. Link
Sindh Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority Manages technical education and vocational training programs, promoting skills development and training initiatives. Link

Enquiries/ Cells

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Chief Minister’s Inspection Enquiries and Implementation Team Conducts inspections, enquiries, and implements recommendations for various governmental matters. Link
Consumer Protection Cell, Bureau of Supply & Prices Protects consumer rights, regulates pricing and supply issues, ensuring fair practices in markets. Link
Enquiries & Anti-Corruption Establishment Sindh Investigates corruption-related cases, inquiries, and anti-corruption initiatives in Sindh. Link


Agency/Department Mandate Website
Sindh Charity Commission Regulates and supervises charitable organizations, ensuring compliance with regulations and ethical practices. Link
Sindh Commission on the Status of Women Promotes and safeguards women’s rights, ensuring gender equality, empowerment, and addressing gender-based issues. Link
Sindh Environmental Protection Agency Enforces environmental laws and regulations, safeguards the environment, and promotes sustainable development. Link
Sindh Health Care Commission Regulates healthcare services, ensuring quality standards, patient safety, and addressing healthcare grievances. Link
Sindh Higher Education Commission Overseeing and improving higher education standards, promoting quality education, and accrediting institutions. Link
Sindh Human Rights Commission Protects and promotes human rights, investigates rights violations, and advocates for human rights in the province. Link
Sindh Information Commission Ensures the public’s right to access information and facilitates transparency in government and public entities. Link
Ombudsman Sindh Addresses grievances against governmental departments and institutions, ensuring fair play and administrative justice. Link


Agency/Department Mandate Website
Sindh Environment Protection Tribunal Deals with environmental disputes, violations, and appeals related to environmental laws and regulations. Link
Sindh Service Tribunal Hears appeals and complaints regarding employment-related matters for government employees, ensuring justice and fairness. Link


Agency/Department Mandate Website
Sindh District Courts Deal with civil and criminal cases within their territorial jurisdiction, ensuring justice at the district level. Link
Sindh High Court Functions as the highest judicial authority in Sindh, overseeing appeals and ensuring the implementation of laws. Link 
Sindh Labour Courts Focus on resolving labor-related disputes and ensuring compliance with labor laws within the Sindh province. Link

Federal Agencies

(Federal agencies holding Jurisdiction and Programme Mandate within Sindh)

Agency Mandate Website
Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Investigates various federal crimes including immigration, cybercrime, and human trafficking. Link
National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) Manages the national database, issues identity cards, and ensures secure registration of individuals. Link
National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Investigates and prosecutes cases of corruption and white-collar crime at the federal level. Link
Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) Focuses on combating narcotics trafficking and drug-related crimes. Link
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Regulates and oversees the telecommunications industry, ensuring compliance with regulations. Link
Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) Regulates and supervises the corporate sector, capital markets, and securities exchanges. Link
Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Safeguards the environment through implementing and enforcing environmental laws. Link
Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) Engages in scientific research, development, and industrial services. Link
National Highway Authority (NHA) Responsible for planning, developing, and maintaining national highways and motorways. Link
Pakistan Railways Manages the country’s railway system, operations, maintenance, and expansion projects. Link
State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Acts as the central bank, regulating the country’s monetary policy and financial sector. Link