Purpose of the Portal

The Sindh Human Rights Commission has set up an online portal on human rights in Sindh accessible at sohris.com. This initiative is in line with Strategic Pillar 2 of the Commission’s strategic (draft) plan 2023-2027 , which aims to enhance knowledge and understanding of human rights and legal entitlements among diverse sections of society to promote a culture of equality and justice.

The Sindh Government passed the Sindh Protection of Human Rights Act in 2011, which led to the establishment of the Sindh Human Rights Commission in 2013. Section 4 of the SPHRA 2011 outlines key provisions related to spreading human rights literacy, promoting awareness of safeguards, and ensuring transparency and accountability.

The establishment of the online portal serves several functions related to monitoring human rights and tracking progress:

Knowledge Dissemination and Awareness Raising: The portal serves as an educational resource providing information on human rights principles, international standards, and legal frameworks. It features educational materials, articles, multimedia content, and research to enhance the public’s understanding of human rights and empower individuals to actively engage in promoting and protecting human rights in Sindh.

Central Resource: The portal serves as a repository of information, data, reports, and updates on the human rights situation in Sindh. It will keep individuals, civil society organizations, and stakeholders informed about human rights issues, initiatives, and policies.

Transparency and Accountability: By making human rights-related information easily accessible to the public, the portal promotes transparency in governance and decision-making processes.

Exchange of Information: The portal serves as a valuable platform that fosters the exchange of information and facilitates the representation of diverse perspectives and ideas from experts, professionals, and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). By offering this opportunity, the portal promotes meaningful discussions, shares insights with large audience, and address criticism in a positive manner. 

Portal Development

The portal is developed and maintained by Obun2, with the support of SHRC. Obun2 is a research company based in Islamabad that specialises in development issues.