Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Sindh

Economic, social, and cultural rights  are a category of human rights that focus on protecting and promoting the well-being and dignity of individuals and communities. These rights include a wide range of entitlements that are essential for a decent and fulfilling life. Economic rights encompass the right to work, fair wages, and access to essential resources such as food, housing, and healthcare. Social rights include the right to education, social security, and a safe and healthy environment. Cultural rights involve the preservation of one’s cultural identity, language, and participation in cultural life.


These rights are considered as the second generation of human rights emerged in the mid-20th century. While civil and political rights focus on individual freedoms and liberties, Economic, social and cultural rights center on societal well-being and the promotion of social and economic rights for all individuals.

Right to Work

Right to Education

Right to Health & Healthy Enviroment

Right to Housing

Right to Food & Water

Right to Social Security

Right to Culture

Right to Information

Other Economic, Social and Cultural Rights