Access to Justice for the Poor

What happens when an accused is brought before the magistrate who sends him/her to physical or judicial custody? S/he faces torture or physical punishment while the investigation is being conducted. On top of it, the burden of social stigma associated with being

Accessing Justice

Justice is the soul of a government. The term ‘access to justice’, as understood and used, means approaching judicial institutions for expeditious and inexpensive redress of a wrong committed to a person, and his/her body or property. The preamble to Pakistan’s constitution,

Minorities and Justice

A video by Legal Aid Society which takes a closer look into systemic challenges faced by communities across Sindh to access justice and the efforts of Legal Aid Society to bridge this gap through interventions both on the community, and institutional level.

Case Studies: Arzu Case

In this video by T2F, Jibran Nasir, Ghazala Shafique, Sarah Zaman and Palvasha are the expert panelists on board to discuss the happenings and proceedings of the Arzu Case, as well as dive deep in analysing the role of Child Abuse, Child

Juvenile Justice System Act 2018

This is an animated explanatory video by Group Development Pakistan which explains the definition of a child and Juvenile Justice System Act 2018 of Pakistan. It tells about the child/juvenile courts set up all across Pakistan under this Act.