Self-assessment Toolkit on Parliaments & HR

Respect for human rights is a critical foundation of strong democratic societies. Yet, while their fundamental importance is universally recognized, human rights continue to be under strain across the world. International and national conflicts, humanitarian crises, rising authoritarianism, racism and xenophobia, climate

Human Rights Training Methodology Manual

Human rights training can contribute greatly to the realization of human rights. If effectively designed and implemented, it empowers rights holders and reinforces the capacity of duty bearers for greater human rights protection. It enables professionals to carry out their responsibilities in

Fundamental & Human Rights in Pakistan’s Constitution

Watch the importance of Fundamental and Human Rights protected in Pakistan’s Constitution, and what are different types of rights that affect and impact the society and individuals.  An informative broadcast on understanding human rights and principle of rule of law. Acknowledgement: Produced

Mapping of Legal Aid Mechanisms in Sindh

This policy brief, titled “Mapping of Legal Aid Mechanisms in Sindh Province,” conducted by the Sindh Human Rights Commission, presents an exhaustive analysis of legal aid services in Sindh, Pakistan. The primary objective is to offer a holistic perspective on the legal

Breaking the Silence: Confronting Persistent Gender Bias Worldwide

The recently released UNDP 2023 Gender Social Norms Index (GSNI) reveals the shocking persistence of gender biases globally. The index tracks people’s attitudes towards women across four dimensions – political, education, economic and physical integrity in both lower and higher HDI countries.