Afghan Refugees

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s recent appeal to the international community regarding Afghan refugees underscores a critical issue that demands global attention and collective action. He has rightly emphasised that Pakistan can no longer bear the burden of hosting millions of Afghan refugees

‘Katcha’ troubles

DESPITE months of ‘action’, yet another state-sponsored operation to rein in the lawless elements who rule large swathes of the riverine areas of upper Sindh and lower Punjab has failed to bring peace to these troubled lands. Gangs of dacoits continue to

Protest held against kidnappings in Sindh

KARACHI: Members of the minority communities staged a protest at the Teen Talwar intersection in Clifton against the kidnapping of Sagar Kumar, Mukesh Jagdesh, Priya Kumari, and seven-year-old child Jadeep Kumar by dacoits in the katcha area of Kashmore. The protestors demanded that

UN’s new agenda for peace

THE world is at an inflection point with mounting geopolitical tensions and global economic volatility contributing to a fraught and unstable situation. Multilateralism is facing growing challenges in an increasingly fragmented international system. The resurgence of East-West tensions, Ukraine war and intensifying