Protest held against kidnappings in Sindh

Karachi saw a protest against kidnapping of members of Hindu community by katcha area robbers

KARACHI: Members of the minority communities staged a protest at the Teen Talwar intersection in Clifton against the kidnapping of Sagar Kumar, Mukesh Jagdesh, Priya Kumari, and seven-year-old child Jadeep Kumar by dacoits in the katcha area of Kashmore.

The protestors demanded that the interim government to take action against the robbers and safe recovery of the kidnapped people. Meanwhile, Sindh United Party President Syed Zain Shah has stated that due to the corrupt governance of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), Sindh is currently under the rule of dacoits, killers, landlords, and corrupt officials.

He said SUP stands in support of the sit-in at the Sindh-Punjab border against lawlessness in Kashmore.

Citizens and traders are demanding the immediate recovery of Sagar Kumar, Dr Munir Naich, Mukesh Jagdish, Priya Kumar, and Jai Deep. Shah said the state has completely failed in establishing peace and security.

Dacoits in Sindh are operating under the patronage and shelter of local landlords and landlords who are running the kidnapping industry. Not only ordinary citizens but also police officers are not safe.

SUP demands a large-scale military operation be carried out immediately against dacoits and their facilitators in the Kashmore district.

Published at Express Tribune on 4th September 2023

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