Over 1.25m URLs blocked over objectionable content

KARACHI: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has blocked more than 1.25 million URLs over objectionable content, the telecom sector regulator told the Sindh High Court on 16 April 2024. The authority submitted its reply to a petition filed against `objectionable, unethical, immoral

PTA blocks 1.07m ‘objectionable’ web links

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority told the Peshawar High Court on 4 April 2024 that it had blocked 1.07 million web links after finding their contents to be blasphemous or pornographic. A bench consisting of Justice Syed Mohammad Attique Shah and Justice Syed

`Karo-kari’ couple seeks protection

A woman on 26 March 2025 filed an application before a district and sessions court seeking protection for herself and her husband since her family had labelled the couple as `karo-kari`. Applicant Ayesha, wife of Abdul Majeed, filed the application under Section

Situation Analysis of Child Online Protection in Pakistan

The report titled “Situation Analysis of Child Online Protection in Pakistan” provides an overview of the current state of child online protection in Pakistan. It highlights the importance of addressing the risks and dangers faced by children in the digital world, such

Unveiling Deepfakes

Laila* first met Adeel* at a fine dining restaurant along the coastline of Karachi city, after eight months of online dating on Instagram. She was then 20, he 21. The two talked for hours as the golden sun set, meeting the horizon

Safeguarding Your Child in the Digital Age

“A Guide Book for Parents: To Keep Children Safe from Online Risks” is a comprehensive guide developed by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in collaboration with UNICEF and Telenor. It aims to equip parents and caregivers with the knowledge and tools to

Fundamental & Human Rights in Pakistan’s Constitution

Watch the importance of Fundamental and Human Rights protected in Pakistan’s Constitution, and what are different types of rights that affect and impact the society and individuals.  An informative broadcast on understanding human rights and principle of rule of law. Acknowledgement: Produced

Cyber Crimes: Risks, Prevention and Legal Remedies

“Cyber Crimes: Risks, Prevention and Legal Remedies” is a book of guidelines published by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Pakistan to provide information about cyber crimes. It discusses various types of cyber crimes and the risks associated with them. It also outlines the