Mother shot at for resisting minor giri’s Sang-chatti on jirga’s order

SUKKUR: A woman was shot at and wounded when she, along with her family, offered strong resistance to a group of armed men who wanted to take away her seven year-old daughter on 11 May 2024 evening.

The group of Jagiranis had forced their entry into the house of Hidayatullah Jagirani to take away the couple’s daughter, Aneeta, in compliance of a ruling given by a jirga in a matter of honour some six weeks back. The jirga, presided over by Wadera Dara Jagirani, had ordered Hidayatullah to marry off his minor daughter to a 70-year-old man, Fateh Mohammad Jagirani under the custom of Sang-chatti and also pay a fine of Rs4m to the old man`s family.

The jirga gave the ruling after finding Hidayatulla’s son, Muneer Jagirani, guilty of maintaining an extramarital affair with a woman belonging to Fateh Mohammad Jagirani’s immediate family.

The jirga was held in the same village that falls within the limits of the Jhangro police station of Rohri taluka.

Hidayatullah appeared reluctant to abide by the jirga ruling over the last six weeks. On Saturday evening, the armed Jagiranis broke into his house to take away the girl but he and his wife, Hazooran Jagirani, and others present inside offered stiff resistance. One of the intruders shot at and wounded Hazooran, who was rushed to the Rohri Taluka Hospital for treatment.-Correspondent

Acknowledgement: Published in Dawn News on 13th May 2024.

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