Expanding the Women’s Rights through Judicial Jurisprudence

Expanding the Women’s Rights through Judicial Jurisprudence” is a landmark two-volume book that explores the role of the apex judiciary in Pakistan in recognizing and enforcing women’s rights. Volume 1 focuses on rape and women’s right to inheritance, while Volume 2 addresses domestic violence and child marriage. The book sheds light on the ease of accessing child sexual abuse material on the open web and emphasizes the need for judicial intervention to protect women’s rights. It showcases the judiciary’s crucial role in interpreting and advancing women’s rights, addressing issues such as admissibility of evidence in rape cases and dismantling patriarchal norms in inheritance laws. The continuation from Volume 1 to Volume 2 highlights the interconnectedness of women’s rights issues and the need for a comprehensive legal framework. The book examines how judicial jurisprudence can influence the protection and expansion of women’s rights in the context of domestic violence and child marriages, addressing the impact of these practices on women’s well-being and the progress towards gender equality.

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