Nadia Jamil to Saba Qamar: Celebs demand justice for Fatima as her post mortem report goes viral

The tragic death of Fatima Phuriro, a 10-year-old housemaid, has sparked outrage across Pakistan

In a heart-wrenching and deeply disturbing incident, the tragic death of Fatima Phuriro, a 10-year-old housemaid, has sparked outrage across Pakistan. The minor lost her life due to alleged torture at the residence of an influential spiritual leader, Pir Asad Shah Jilani, in Ranipur Town, Khairpur. The incident occurred on Independence Day, casting a shadow of sorrow and grief over the nation’s celebrations.

Initial investigation into the case revealed the horrifying circumstances that led to Fatima’s untimely demise. CCTV footage obtained from Pir Asad Shah Jilani’s residence depicted a distressed and maltreated child. The footage went viral on social media, showing clear signs of torture and abuse on the young victim’s body. The revelation of this footage ignited a widespread outcry for justice, accountability, and systemic change.

In response to this tragic incident, Pakistani celebrities from various fields, including the entertainment industry, music, and activism, have come forward to voice their condemnation of the horrific event and demand justice for Fatima Phuriro. Their collective voice has united the nation in its call for accountability, sparking conversations about the need for systemic reforms to prevent such heinous acts in the future.

Among the prominent figures lending their voices to the cause is actor Nadia Jamil, who passionately shared the disturbing details of the postmortem report on her Twitter account. Nadia’s posts shed light on the extent of the brutality inflicted upon the young girl and demanded that those responsible for her suffering be held accountable. Her posts also drew attention to the urgent need for society to address the broader issues of child abuse and exploitation.

“Peri-anal rugosities absent means anus is dilated due to use. Anal Sphincter irregular healed edge… [My God]. Will they be punished for what they did to her. For the way she died. For the agonizing slow death, we all witnessed. Are we going to speak out against the filthy practices that allow our children to be violated? From bachabazi to this! Please speak out against these crimes! Let’s get this ball rolling, please!”

In another tweet Jamil shared Lucy Letby’s case – a serial killer nurse who attacked at least 13 infants in her care and killed seven of them – and how she’s now been sentenced to life in prison. Nadia went on to add, “And that’s how you sentence murderers of children! Please learn Pakistan judiciary!”

Singer and activist Saif Samejo joined the chorus of voices seeking justice for Fatima. His poignant Instagram Stories highlighted the importance of a united front against such atrocities. He emphasized the need to transcend personal and political agendas to work together for the betterment of society.

The Sketches frontman took to his Instagram Stories to reflect, “It’s worrying and shameful that in Sindh, certain so called holy places, shrines and leaders in locations like Bharchundi, Sarhandi, and Ranipur and many others are linked to criminal actions. What’s sad is that they have a lot of followers, and some of these followers might even resort to violence. This causes problems for the good people in the system who want to stop these bad things. Our society at large doesn’t want to admit these problems, which slows down progress. The system should care about honesty and fairness more than supporting people who do bad things, whether in politics, religion, agencies, judiciary or other areas. It’s like there’s a habit of putting tricky and bad people in important roles, which stops good changes from happening.” He concluded with the hashtags, ‘Justice For Fatima Fariro’, ‘Justice For Christian Families’.

Actor Armeena Khan took to Twitter after reading the chilling details of Fatima’s postmortem report. She expressed her shock and disbelief at the gruesome findings and called for the most severe punishment for those responsible for the heinous crime. Armeena’s tweet emphasized the urgency of making an example out of the perpetrators. “I just read the post mortem report for Fatima. I just… I cannot list… Can this guy be hanged in public? That poor baby! Pakistan, please make an example out of this beast, please do the right thing. Please, please, please!”

Actor Saba Qamar also used her Instagram handle to bring attention to the horrifying revelations emerging from the postmortem report. In a simple yet powerful message, “Horrific findings from Fatima’s post mortem. Justice for Fatima.”

The unity displayed by these Pakistani celebrities reflects the nation’s collective demand for justice and change. The tragic incident involving Fatima Phuriro has exposed the vulnerabilities within the system and the urgent need for reform. This incident should serve as a wake-up call for the Pakistani society to address the pervasive issue of child abuse, exploitation, and violence.

The celebrities’ rallying cry for justice for Fatima Phuriro should inspire a broader movement to challenge the structures that enable such atrocities. The demand for justice is not just a cry for Fatima alone; it is a plea for a safer and more compassionate society for all children. It is a call for the law enforcement agencies, the judiciary, and the government to ensure that the perpetrators of such crimes are held accountable and that mechanisms are put in place to prevent future tragedies.

The pain and outrage felt by these celebrities echo the sentiment of a nation mourning the loss of an innocent life. It is now up to the collective conscience of society to ensure that justice is served, and steps are taken to prevent such heart-wrenching incidents from occurring again. Only by confronting these grim realities and working together can Pakistan move toward a future where the rights and safety of all its children are safeguarded.

Published at Express Tribune on 22nd August 2023

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