Policy Brief on Forced Conversion

“Policy Brief on Forced Conversion” is a publication by National Commission on the Rights of Child, Pakistan (NCRC) which is the policy brief created after the case of Arzoo Raja. The Policy Brief touched upon the gaps in existing laws prohibiting ‘forced

Protecting Minority Rights

“Protecting Minority Rights: A Practical Guide” is a publication by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) which is a comprehensive resource that provides guidance on how to promote and protect the rights of minorities. It provides practical

Minorities and Justice

A video by Legal Aid Society which takes a closer look into systemic challenges faced by communities across Sindh to access justice and the efforts of Legal Aid Society to bridge this gap through interventions both on the community, and institutional level.

Unequal Citizens: Ending Systemic Discrimination Against Minorities

“Unequal Citizens: Ending Systemic Discrimination Against Minorities” is a fact-finding report released by the National Commission for Human Rights of Pakistan (NCHR). It analyzes and chronicles instances of religion-based differential treatment encountered by religious minority group members in Pakistan with respect to employment

Forced Conversions in Ghotki

Forced Conversions in Ghotki is a Field investigation Report conducted by Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP). The purpose of the report was to assess complaints concerning the reportedly forced conversion of Hindu girls, with reference to the case of Reena and Raveena of