Call to promote interfaith harmony

Photo: KU Times Facebook Page
KARACHI: Speakers at a conference held at Karachi University (KU) on Monday underscored the need for efforts to create a culture of co-existence in the country and to curb the spread of hate content. The conference on interfaith harmony was organised at the Chinese Teachers Memorial Auditorium, formally the Arts Auditorium. Dr Manouj Chauhan, President of the Sanatan Dharma International Society, said the Holy Prophet (PBUH) served humanity without any discrimination and set great examples of tolerance, forgiveness, and justice. He regretted that certain segments of society were using the religious card to achieve their nefarious agendas. Such practices had been defaming the country across the globe. Emphasising the need for tolerance in society, KU Vice Chancellor Prof Khalid Mahmood Iraqi said that often people misrepresent Islam, which has given every individual the right to practice his or her religion freely. Tushna Patel, representing the Parsi community on the Non-Muslim Welfare Committee, said that peace was a state of security and order within a community. Ms Patel also added that peace is a way of life wherein we respect each other despite our cultural, religious, and political differences; it is essential for the progress of humanity, and in general, peace is the absence of war. Sardar Amar Singh said all religions in the world stood for peace, love, and brotherhood and rejected all kinds of discrimination and bias. Published in Dawn, August 29th, 2023

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