Non-Muslim women vulnerable to forced conversion

ISLAMABAD: United Nations (UN) human rights experts have expressed dismay at the lack of protection for women and girls belonging to non-Muslim communities in Pakistan, saying that they remained vulnerable to forced marriages and conversions, reported. “Christian and Hindu girls remain

Censorship remains a barrier to showcasing working women issues

KARACHI: The challenges facing Pakistani women, particularly those who fall into the category of `working women`, are hardly given the deserved attention and coverage by the entertainment industry in the country. It is rather discouraged to highlight the issues and struggles they

Fundamental & Human Rights in Pakistan’s Constitution

Watch the importance of Fundamental and Human Rights protected in Pakistan’s Constitution, and what are different types of rights that affect and impact the society and individuals.  An informative broadcast on understanding human rights and principle of rule of law. Acknowledgement: Produced

Curbs on freedom of expression in Pakistan

“Curbs on freedom of expression in Pakistan” is a fact-finding report by Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) which discusses curbs on distribution and freedom of expression in the print and broadcast media and their impact on business. In English Download Here