SHRC to empower LGs for full implementation of Hindus Marriage Act

MITHl: The Sindh Human Rights Commission (SHRC) in collaboration with the Local Government Department held a session here on 17 May 2024 to create and enhance awareness among LG representatives from Tharparkar about `The Sindh Hindus Marriage (Amendment) Act, 2018` and its effective implementation at the grass root level.

The session was aimed at empowering LG officials and local community leaders to ensure proper and full implementation of the Act.

SHRC board member Sukhdev Hemnani gave the audience a comprehensive briefing on the powers and functions of the commission and also explained all provisions of the Act. He emphasised the need for holding such awareness sessions at UC level to ensure that all segments of the Hindu community understood the legislation and benefitted from it.

Prominent among those who spoke during the session included Tharparkar UC Vice Chairperson Kamla Bai, District Officer Musharaf Ali Shah, Mithi (City) DSP Waqas Durrani and Additional Deputy Commissioner-l Asif Ali Khaskheli. LG officials and Hindu community leaders from across Tharparkar district attended the session.

The session was designed to address critical gaps in awareness and LG infrastructure that hinder effective enforcement of the Act.

One of the major issues that came to fore during public input was that ordinary people were totally unaware of the marriage registration process. Another issue was absence of proper infrastructure at UCs to provide such services. It was noted that most UCs did not have computers and even proper office space.

The SHRC leaders were informed that almost all 64 union councils of Tharparkar were facing challenges in facilitating the marriage registration process.

Kamla Bai held out the assurance that she would do her best to address all related issues.

Acknowledgement: Published in Dawn News on 18th May 2024.

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