Special Police Force to Safeguard Minorities and Protect Their Sacred Places

In a move to enhance the safety and security of minority communities, the Sindh Police Department is set to establish a special police force dedicated to protecting religious minorities and their places of worship. This initiative comes in response to the Supreme Court’s decision to safeguard minority rights.

Inspector General of Police Riffat Mukhtar Raja met with Dr. Shoaib Suddle, Chairman of the Supreme Court-appointed commission, at the Central Police Office to discuss the implementation of the court’s decision. During the meeting, it was revealed that police officers from minority communities would be recruited to fill existing vacancies within the Sindh Police Department.

The police spokesperson stated that a special police force would be established solely for the protection of minority worship places. Additionally, district police officers have been instructed to establish a dedicated minority desk to handle issues related to minority communities, appoint an officer from the minority community to their office staff, and form special investigation teams consisting of minority officers.

Dr. Suddle emphasized the significance of educating police personnel about minority rights and grievances through regular awareness sessions. He commended the efforts made in conducting a special CSS exam exclusively for minorities, aiming to appoint over 700 minority officers across the country, ensuring their representation in high-ranking positions.

Furthermore, the IGP and traders have agreed to make the Korangi Industrial Area a model community policing zone. This proposal was discussed during a meeting between a five-member delegation of the Korangi Association of Trade and Industries, led by Zubair Chaya, and the IGP Sindh Riffat Mukhtar Raja at the Central Police Office. The IGP endorsed the proposal and committed to taking practical steps towards achieving this goal.

Acknowledgement: Published by Dawn on 25-01-2024

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