GANHRI Calls for Global Action to Protect Child and Youth Human Rights Defenders at HRC55

During the 55th Human Rights Council, GANHRI welcomed the report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders, which shed light on the challenges faced by child and youth human rights defenders. In a statement, GANHRI expressed shared concern about the legal and societal barriers that hinder the participation of young individuals in civic space, as well as the potential reprisals they may face for their human rights work.

GANHRI also acknowledged the report’s recognition of the role played by many national human rights institutions in providing access to complaint mechanisms for child and youth defenders. The organization urged all states to take concrete steps in addressing the specific challenges encountered by child and youth human rights defenders, in accordance with the recommendations outlined in the report. This includes the adoption of laws and policies that cater to their unique protection needs and enable their integration into decision-making processes.

Furthermore, GANHRI affirmed its commitment, along with its members and regional networks, to support the mandate of the Special Rapporteur. The organization emphasized its dedication to working with partners to ensure the effective protection of the rights of all those who defend human rights.

Reported by GANHRI on 12 March 2024

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