GANHRI Urges States to Collaborate with UN Expert to Promote Disability Rights

During the 55th Human Rights Council’s Interactive Dialogue with the newly appointed Special Rapporteur on the rights of persons with disabilities, Elie El Baz, representing GANHRI, delivered a statement endorsing the Special Rapporteur’s report and outlining her priorities for advancing the rights of people with disabilities.

GANHRI supports the Special Rapporteur’s commitment to an accessible, participatory, and inclusive approach, ensuring that the diverse perspectives of people with disabilities are central to her work. As independent human rights institutions, NHRIs globally play a crucial role in advocating for the rights of people with disabilities and fostering inclusivity, equality, and respect for all individuals.

The Special Rapporteur’s focus on critical issues aligns with NHRIs’ daily efforts, including mainstreaming disability in sustainable development and addressing the disproportionate effects of climate change on people with disabilities. GANHRI encourages all states to collaborate fully with the Special Rapporteur’s mandate, thereby advancing the rights of people with disabilities.

Acknowledgement: Published by GANHRI on 11 March 2024

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