Government will appoint a good lawyer in Fatima Furiro case

SUKKUR: Dr. Saad Khalid Niaz, the Caretaker Sindh Minister for Health, asserted on Nov 30, 2023 that the government was poised to engage a proficient lawyer to ensure justice prevailed in the Fatima Furiro murder case. Speaking to the media during impromptu hospital inspections in Khairpur, Sukkur, and Panu Aqil, the minister highlighted the gravity of the Furiro case, emphasizing the imperative need for further investigation to dispel prevailing doubts. The 10-year-old domestic worker Fatima Furiro was tragically murdered in Ranipur.

Addressing the media, he disclosed that the victim’s post-mortem report unequivocally confirmed instances of sexual abuse and physical torture inflicted upon her, though the final report on DNA samples was still pending. Dr. Niaz expressed dismay during his visits to Khairpur Medical College Civil Hospital and Gambat Institute of Medical Science (GIMS), where he expressed dissatisfaction with cleanliness and facilities in various departments.

Accompanied by medical officials, the minister scrutinized emergency units, doctors’ rooms, ICU wards, and other sections, urging immediate disposal of used syringes and emphasizing the paramount importance of patient and doctor health in the emergency wards. Reacting to a patient’s complaint regarding payment for a test, he directed the return of the money, instructed immediate disciplinary action against the doctor, and demanded a detailed report.

Dr. Niaz also noted the unsatisfactory state of doctors’ rooms and washrooms, stressing the importance of ICU cleanliness to safeguard patients’ lives. Seeking detailed briefings on hospital resources and patient care, he engaged with attendants inquiring about the administration’s conduct and patient treatment.

Responding to queries about the shortage of medical staff, the minister acknowledged the issue and affirmed efforts to address the shortfall. Expressing concern about discrepancies in hospital records, he emphasized the need for transparency in utilizing allocated budgets for patient care.

During his unannounced visit to Panu Aqil Hospital, Dr. Niaz voiced discontent over unhygienic conditions and unused dialysis machines, warning of consequences if improvements were not observed on his subsequent visit.

At Sukkur Civil Hospital, he conveyed his dissatisfaction with hospital performance in Sukkur and Larkana divisions to the press, indicating a need for substantive improvements.

Acknowledgement: Daily Dawn

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