Moot Reveals Challenging Obstacles Faced by Minorities in Accessing Essential Facilities

Representatives of minority organizations in Mirpurkhas have brought to light the struggles faced by their communities in accessing basic facilities. The lack of access to computerized national identity cards and registration of marriages has made life even more difficult for Hindu children and scheduled caste members.

The voices of Radha Bheel, Jairam Das, Sarwann Kumar Bheel, Khalid Parvez, and other minority leaders echoed through the commissioner’s conference hall last Thursday, as they shared their stories of struggle and despair. The meeting, chaired by Divisional Commissioner Faisal Ahmad Uqeli and Dr. Shoaib Sadhal, head of the Supreme Court’s minority concerns panel on minority rights, was a platform for them to voice their grievances.

Their tales of woe painted a bleak picture of life in Mirpurkhas for minority communities. Cemeteries filled with dirt and occupied land, no minority colonies, and powerful individuals driving out the minority population – these were just a few of the issues they faced.

The minority leaders demanded change, calling for the establishment of a minority office, implementation of a five percent quota in employment, creation of a district-level minority desk, and a monthly open court to resolve minority-related disputes. Their pleas were met with a directive from Sadhal to the DC to provide essential amenities like drinking water, drainage, electricity, and health facilities in minority areas.

Acknowledgement: Reported by Dawn on 26-01-2024

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