Sindh govt distributes ownership rights of plots to flood victims

SHIKARPUR-The Sindh government organised a ceremony to distribute ownership rights certificates of house plots to the flood victims of last year in Shikarpur. The Sindh government conducted a survey of 2.1 million houses in the whole Sindh, for which a package of six hundred billion rupees has been given by the Sindh Government: Provincial Minister for Energy Imtiaz Ahmed Sheikh.

In Shikarpur, the government of Sindh has allocated twenty six billion for the construction of ninety thousand houses in Shikarpur. By the end of this year, twenty four thousand flood victims will be given certificates ofj house plots: Deputy Commissioner Shikarpur Abrar Jafar The event was addressed by District Chairman Zulfiqar Khan Kumario, PPP leader Babul Khan Bhayo, Srso Chairman Muhammad Dittal Kalhoro and others.

According to the details, a ceremony was held in Shikarpur by the Sindh government to distribute ownership rights certificates of plots for the construction of houses among the flood victims of last year. Addressing the event, Provincial Minister for Energy Imtiaz Ahmad Shaikh said that last year’s rains brought a lot of trouble to the people in which fifteen million people were affected in Sindh. Despite that, the government of Sindh reached out to everyone and rescued them and provided them with food, rations and treatment facilities. He said that Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari appointed him in charge of the Larkana Relief Committee and he visited the entire Larkana Division with Chairman Bilawal Bhutto, who met thousands of people sitting on the roads and comforted them. The provincial minister said that for the solution of this suffering of the people, the chairman held conferences from Karachi to Geneva and brought the UN Secretary General to Pakistan and arranged a large amount of money to provide relief to the people. He said that a survey of 2.1 million houses has been conducted in Sindh, for which the Sindh government has allocated 600 billion only for the construction of houses and the construction process has been started.

Addressing the event, Deputy Commissioner of Shikarpur Abrar Jafar said that the past rains have witnessed the hardships and sufferings of the people, in which four hundred and thirty six millimeters of rain fell till August 22, due to whichj there was three to four feet of stagnant water in the cities and agricultural lands. One hundred and thirteen people died and one hundred and fifty-three thousand acres of agricultural crops were destroyed. Four Lac people were affected, one hundred and forty-one relief camps were established in which thirty-eight thousand people stayed. In this situation, sixty thousand ration bags were delivered in time, food was delivered to the camps, water was drawn from the district, compensation was given to the dead and injured, money was distributed to the farmers in the form of seeds and fertilizers, and now for the construction of ninety thousand houses. We have completed the survey and today we are distributing the plot certificates for the ownership rights of the houses. About 24 thousand people will be given ownership certificates by the end of this year. Addressing the ceremony, Shikarpur district council chairman Zulfiqar Khan Kumario, PPP leader Babul Khan Bhayo said that they have helped the people in cooperation with the district administration.

They sent ration bags and today under Shaheed Rani Benazeer Bhutto’s idea, certificates have been issued for women to become house owners. Addressing the ceremony, local women Mahnaz Mahar, Naseem Khoso and Aman Sachan said that we are grateful to Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari who gave us these certificates of owner rights. The houses are  under construction. They said that the PPP government has done great things for women, so they will fight hard and elect Chairman Bilawal Bhutto as the Prime Minister. Srso CEO Mohammad Dittel Kalhoro also addressed the event. At the end of the event, provincial energy minister Imtiaz Ahmad Shaikh, chairman of the district council Zulfikar Khan Kumario, PPP leader Babal Khan Bhayo distributed ownership certificates of plots among the thirty affected women and men. Among the recipients of owner certificates were Qaima Khatoon, Mehtab Khatoon, Hadi Bakhsh, Sufi Muhammad Usman, Imran Ali, Suhail Ahmed, Khuda Bakhsh, Sonia Khatoon, Shazia Khatoon, Shabana Khatoon Hakima Khatoon, Hasina Khatoon, Rukhsana Khatoon, Musmat Irshad, Musmat Bilqis and others were included.

Published at The Nation on 31st July 2023

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