Soaring crime rate

In Sindh where advancements in law enforcement have been pursued with zeal, Karachi’s predicament is a glaring anomaly

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The recent release of the Sindh Bureau of Statistics report on law and order has cast a glaring spotlight on Karachi’s escalating crime rates, a stark contrast to the declining trends witnessed in other divisions of the province. The data, compiled up to December 2022, paints a disheartening picture — Karachi has transformed from being the vibrant heart of Pakistan into a hotspot for criminal activities.

In a province where advancements in law enforcement have been pursued with zeal, Karachi’s predicament is a glaring anomaly. Despite substantial investments in recruiting personnel and equipping law enforcers with modern tools, the city’s crime rates have surged by an astonishing 121% over the past six years. This disconcerting trend has turned Karachi into a haven for criminal elements, with a staggering 67% of crimes within Sindh concentrated in its boundaries. The report also points to a worrisome influx of criminals into the city. Car thefts and snatchings have become rampant while theft, robbery, kidnapping, child abduction, suicide and rape have all seen significant increases. These activities have left a trail of destruction, causing loss of life, property and peace of mind. The reasons behind Karachi’s grim situation are multifaceted. From economic disparities to the urban sprawl that makes effective policing a daunting task, the city faces numerous challenges. Law enforcers, though equipped, must be augmented with advanced training and strategies that address the evolving nature of crime.

The Sindh government must undertake a comprehensive review of its strategies and policies to ensure that Karachi’s security is reclaimed. A comprehensive crackdown on the thriving criminal dens and networks in the city is not just a necessity; it is an imperative for Karachi’s safety and well-being. A targeted approach, backed by intelligence-driven operations, modern surveillance technology, and collaboration between law enforcement and community, is vital to restoring Karachi’s lost glory. We implore the authorities to prioritise Karachi’s safety.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 21st, 2023.

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