Teenage Cousin Arrested for Brutal Murder of Minor Boy

The police have arrested a teenage boy for the brutal murder of his seven-year-old cousin in Federal B Area. Authorities have apprehended the victim’s teenage cousin, shedding light on the heinous crime.

The lifeless body of seven-year-old Muhammad Aban was discovered in an isolated street, seldom traversed by the public, behind the Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases in F.B Area, Block-16, on Wednesday afternoon.

Breaking the news, Central SSP Zeeshan Shafiq Siddiqi informed Dawn that the suspect, Sufayan Hanif, approximately 16 years old, is the cousin of Aban. Startlingly, Sufayan resided in the same house as Aban’s divorced mother and his own uncle, Aban’s father.

According to SSP Siddiqi, Sufayan was responsible for looking after Aban on a daily basis while both parents were at work. In a chilling revelation, it was Sufayan who reported Aban missing to the family.

Crucial evidence emerged in the form of CCTV footage obtained by the police, showing Sufayan carrying Aban in the area. Investigators shared the footage with the victim’s father, leading them to question Sufayan. Shockingly, he “confessed” to the crime, divulging that he had used a kitchen knife, which was subsequently recovered based on his disclosure.

Police authorities relayed that Sufayan admitted to his “mistake” of killing his cousin. He expressed frustration towards the young boy, who frequently reported his behavior to his father. Sufayan revealed that he had lured Aban away from home to the desolate street, where he mercilessly took his life with a kitchen knife. After committing the gruesome act, he returned home, informing Aban’s mother of his disappearance.

This harrowing incident has sent shockwaves through the community, leaving a deep sense of sorrow and disbelief. The arrest of the teenage cousin sheds light on the tragic circumstances surrounding the murder, as investigators work tirelessly to uncover more details in this distressing case.

Reported by Dawn on 17-02-2024

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