Non-Muslim women vulnerable to forced conversion

ISLAMABAD: United Nations (UN) human rights experts have expressed dismay at the lack of protection for women and girls belonging to non-Muslim communities in Pakistan, saying that they remained vulnerable to forced marriages and conversions, reported. “Christian and Hindu girls remain

Upholding Inclusivity: Minority Rights Initiatives 2022-2023

The National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) presents a comprehensive report detailing the array of initiatives undertaken to bolster minority rights across various provinces in Pakistan. This pivotal document encapsulates the strides made in addressing critical issues such as forced conversions, safeguarding

Call to promote interfaith harmony

KARACHI: Speakers at a conference held at Karachi University (KU) on Monday underscored the need for efforts to create a culture of co-existence in the country and to curb the spread of hate content. The conference on interfaith harmony was organised at

Fault-lines in the Minorities Commission Bill

Before being dissolved, on August 10, 2023, the National Assembly was especially active in its last days and passed dozens of bills. Political historians, legal experts and rights activists were overwhelmed, warning legislators not to make what most observers fear will prove

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