Crops destroyed as retaliation for permitting daughter’s bike ride

In Ratodero, within Larkana district, daily tribune news reports claim that a man’s wheat storage facility was set on fire purportedly because he permitted his daughter to pursue education and travel on a motorcycle with her younger brothers to school.

This incident occurred in village Zangeja, under the jurisdiction of Lashari police station, on Dec 10, 2023.

The SSP Larkana took cognizance of the situation and instructed the local police to address the issue.

Aushaq Zangejo asserted that he faced threats from villagers to prohibit his daughter, Zainab Zangejo, from riding the motorbike, but he chose to disregard their warnings.

The girl informed local media that she commutes to her high school in Ratodero on the bike, a display of confidence that is apparently unpopular in the village.

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