Two sisters abducted to avenge freewill marriage

According a news report by Daily Dawn on January 6, 2024, approximately 15 individuals from the Abro clan forcefully entered the residence of a Mahar family in Hekal Pat near Khanpur Mahar, aiming to take away two female family members on January 5, 2024. The assailants argued that Hanif Mahar, a member of the targeted family, had supposedly kidnapped one of their women two months earlier, engaging in a consensual marriage without parental consent.

Ghulam Mohammad Mahar reported to the police that the intruders assaulted his family before forcibly taking away his two daughters. He identified 11 of the attackers in his complaint, leading to the police registering a non-cognizable crime (NC) report for the incident.

According to the complainant, neither he nor his family had information about the whereabouts of his son or the Abro woman since their disappearance two months ago. The Abro clan, unconvinced by this explanation, sought retribution for the alleged consensual marriage.

Acknowledgement: Daily Dawn

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