Unicef Seeks Urgent Funding for Pakistan

According to report published by Daily Dawn, Unicef is urgently appealing for $135.6 million from global donors to meet the pressing humanitarian needs of over 5.5 million individuals in Pakistan, with a focus on assisting 3.4 million children. The call for funding,

Prioritize the rehabilitation of Offenders

There is a dire need for effective offender rehabilitation in prisons. As a criminologist, I have observed the consequences of neglecting this crucial aspect of criminal justice and its impact on public safety. The lack of emphasis on rehabilitation perpetuates a cycle

NHRIs adopt global plan to prevent torture

National human rights institutions (NHRIs) from across the globe have committed to redouble their efforts to prevent and address torture and other ill-treatment, in response to heightened risks and an escalation in cases worldwide. More than 85 NHRIs participating in the 14th International Conference